Expanding Horizons in Autism Support: A Conversation with Patrick Paul

In this engaging episode of IDD Health Matters, Dr. Craig Escude welcomes Patrick Paul, a dynamic leader in the field of intellectual and developmental disabilities, at the New York Alliance for Inclusion and Innovation conference. Patrick, the seasoned Executive Director/CEO of Anderson Center for Autism, and shares his comprehensive journey from being a CPA conducting audits for the organization to leading it. He delves into the challenges and successes faced by those with autism, particularly around accessing healthcare and the risk of diagnostic overshadowing—a critical issue highlighted by a recent Joint Commission alert. Throughout the discussion, Patrick outlines the extensive services his organization offers, from residential schooling for children to international training programs that attract professionals worldwide. He emphasizes the importance of integrated care and the need for medical professionals to understand and swiftly respond to the health needs of non-verbal individuals. Closing the episode, Patrick shares inspiring insights and experiences, emphasizing the potential within crisis to drive innovation and change in healthcare for individuals with developmental disabilities.

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