"My Ability Is Stronger Than My Disability"

Friends for Life Residential Care, LLC .  was created in 2011 with the intentions of helping individuals with Developmental Disabilities. We are dedicated to motivating individuals in the community through a residential setting. Our staffing team will be reliable, inviting, caring and nurturing. They are chosen not only for their skill level, but also for their willingness or calling to serve this special community of people.

Friends For Life Residential Care (FFLRC) is a small agency provider, for individuals afflicted with a developmental disability who aspire to live independently. We believe the individual’s rights are the key to success to promote a better quality of life and well-being!

Supported living

Friends For Life offers supported living which entails caring for individuals who choose to live independently in the community.     

Homemaker Personal Care (HPC)

Friends For Life provides Homemaker Personal Care {H/PC}. This service includes cleaning, meal preparation and personal care.


Friends For Life offers transportation which can include trips to doctor appointments, community outings and recreational activities.

About Friends For Life and

Uncle Larry

“This company all started as a lifelong dream of mine which is in loving memory of my Uncle Larry. He showed me that everyone is capable of amazing feats. I love you and miss you dearly.” -Tony Stuart

Larry Jones 1/30/1954 – 2/22/2014

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