Ep 169: Empowering Voices: Kim Paxton & Dennis Miller on Advocacy and Joy

In this inspiring episode of the Friends for Life Podcast, hosts Tony and Paul welcome Kim Paxton and Dennis Miller, two remarkable advocates from Wood County, Northwest Ohio. The conversation, recorded at the Synergy conference, delves into their experiences and contributions in the field of developmental disabilities.

Kim, the president of People First in Wood County, shares her passion for empowering individuals to use their voice, especially in advocating for disability rights. She talks about her role at Wood Lane School, where she assists students with severe disabilities in expressing themselves. Kim’s commitment to advocacy is evident as she encourages everyone to share how they’ve used their voice in their weekly meetings.

Dennis, sporting an “I Dance” shirt, brings a vibrant energy to the episode, discussing his love for dancing and his involvement in community activities. Working at the University, Dennis finds joy in his job and emphasizes the importance of enjoying what you do.

Both guests are also part of the Action Club, where they engage in community service, such as volunteering at senior centers and supporting local initiatives. Their stories highlight the impact of advocacy and community involvement, inspiring listeners to use their voice and make a difference.

The episode also touches on the importance of handling stress and trauma, as shared in one of the Synergy conference sessions. Additionally, the anticipation of hearing from a WWE wrestler at the conference adds an exciting element to their experience.

This episode is not just about the challenges faced by individuals with developmental disabilities but also celebrates the joy, advocacy, and community involvement that enriches their lives. Kim and Dennis’ stories are a testament to the power of voice and action in making positive changes in the world.

Key Topics:

Advocacy and leadership in People First

The joy and community involvement in dancing

Volunteering and community service in Action Club

Personal experiences and insights from the Synergy conference

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