Disability Support & Parenting Ep 3: Embracing Challenges: A Conversation with John Ross Comes

Join us in this compelling episode of “Disability, Support, and Parenting,” where host Sarah Davies welcomes John Ross Comes, a remarkable individual living with a disability. In a candid discussion, John Ross shares his experiences and insights, offering a unique perspective that is enlightening for parents, caregivers, and anyone interested in understanding the nuances of disability. This episode delves into various aspects of living with a disability, as John Ross Comes opens up about his life’s journey. His experiences provide valuable lessons and viewpoints, particularly relevant to those involved in parenting and supporting individuals with disabilities.

Key topics covered in this episode include:

Life with a Disability: John Ross Comes talks about his personal experiences, challenges, and the common misconceptions about living with a disability.

Support Systems and Empathy: The conversation explores the critical role of empathy and robust support systems in improving life quality for those with disabilities.

Guidance for Parents: Although not a parent himself, John Ross provides thoughtful advice for parents raising children with disabilities, focusing on the importance of patience, understanding, and resilience.

Inclusion and Community: Sarah and John Ross discuss the significance of community support in promoting inclusivity and how societal views on disability are changing.

Overcoming Obstacles: John Ross reflects on his journey of personal growth, discussing how he has navigated and overcome various challenges.

This episode is more than a discussion about the difficulties associated with disabilities; it’s a testament to the strength, courage, and optimism that can flourish in challenging circumstances. Whether you’re directly involved in the disability community, a parent, or simply someone seeking a deeper understanding of these experiences, this conversation with John Ross Comes is sure to be enlightening and inspiring.

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