IDD Health Matters Ep 17: Unlocking Health Equity with Craig Sever BS, R.Ph.

Join Dr. Craig Escude as he dives deep into the world of health, wellness, and health equity for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities. In this episode, we’re thrilled to have Craig Sever, a consultant pharmacist who specializes in the IDD population. From chart reviews to medication interactions, Craig sheds light on the unique challenges and rewards of working in this specialized field.

🔍 Key Highlights: The importance of understanding non-verbal communication in the ID population. Real-life examples of how medication can impact individuals differently. The challenge of “diagnostic overshadowing” and the need for individualized care. The evolving landscape of aging within the ID community. The critical need for funding in areas like sedation dentistry for the ID population.

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📌 Remember, every individual deserves personalized care and understanding. Let’s make a difference together! 

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