IDD Health Matters Ep 13: Grace Gould of IntellectAbility

IDD Health Matters hosted by Craig Escudé, MD, FAAFP, FAADM features guests from across the globe who are leading the efforts to improve health, wellness and health equity for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

🎙️ Podcast Guest: Grace Gould, Account Manager at IntellectAbility and IntellectAbilityGalen School of Nursing-Tampa Bay Liaison 🌟

Join us on this episode as we sit down with Grace Gould, a seasoned Account Manager at IntellectAbility, and a dedicated liaison for the IntellectAbilityGalen School of Nursing program in Tampa Bay, Florida. With a passion for technology and education, Grace brings a unique perspective to the intersection of healthcare and IT. More Friends for Life Here:

Produced by Paul Fuzinksi

Editor: Mike Balonek

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