IDD Health Matters Ep 11: Ian Cowart of Brandi’s Hope Community Services

IDD Health Matters hosted by Craig Escudé, MD, FAAFP, FAADM features guests from across the globe who are leading the efforts to improve health, wellness and health equity for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

Brandi’s Hope Community Services began operations in June 2010 after being a long time dream of owner and CEO, Danny Cowart. Danny and his wife Brenda are the proud parents of our company’s name sake, Brandi Erin Cowart. For almost ten years he and his wife Brenda received services/supports for their daughter who was born with Trisomy 18, a rare and fatal chromosomal disorder. They were determined to give her the opportunity to live at home and have a typical life. The Cowarts wanted to share their dreams for Brandi with other individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities. They saw firsthand the great need for these supports as parents and advocates. Mr. Cowart also experienced this need as the CEO of a service provider that offered these types of services statewide. What the Cowarts began to realize was a genuine need for more personalized and individual driven supports. The goal and purpose for beginning Brandi’s Hope Community Services is to do just that: support individuals the way they choose to be supported. Choice is a fundamental driving force in the philosophy that all members of Brandi’s Hope share.

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