Adult Day Support

Adult Day Support helps a person build connections in their community. With this service, people can learn about

  • how to meet and talk with new people,
  • what activities are in their community,
  • how to get places independently,
  • and what jobs are available in their area.

While taking part in Adult Day Support services, a person can also have help with personal care, such as going to the restroom, eating meals, and taking medication.

This service includes activities such as

  • personal care including support and supervision in the areas of personal hygiene, eating, communication, mobility, toileting, and dressing to ensure a person’s ability to experience and participate in community living,
  • skill reinforcement including the implementation of behavioral support strategies, assistance in the use of communication and mobility devices, and other activities that reinforce skills necessary to ensure the person’s participation in community life,
  • training in self-determination including assisting the person to develop self-advocacy skills, and 
  • recreation and leisure including supports identified in the individual service plan as being therapeutic in nature, rather than merely providing a diversion, and being necessary to assist the person to develop or maintain social relationships and family contacts.

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