Ep 171: Craig Escude Host of IDD Health Matters

In this episode of the Friends for Life Podcast, the hosts welcome Dr. Craig Escude, an expert in the field of healthcare for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Dr. Escude shares his insights and experiences, delving into the unique challenges and needs of this population in the healthcare system. He discusses his journey in the medical field, highlighting how his career has been shaped by his passion for improving healthcare services for people with disabilities. Throughout the episode, Dr. Escude emphasizes the importance of specialized training for healthcare providers to better understand and meet the needs of patients with intellectual and developmental disabilities. He also touches upon the common misconceptions and gaps in the current healthcare system that can lead to disparities in care for these individuals. Listeners will gain valuable knowledge about the intersection of healthcare and disability, as well as the efforts being made to enhance medical care and accessibility for all. Dr. Escude’s expertise and dedication to this cause make for an enlightening and inspiring conversation, offering both professional insights and personal anecdotes that underscore the significance of his work in this field.

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