Ep 170: Breaking Barriers: A Heartfelt Journey with Michael Nuzum & Melissa Frizado

In this engaging episode of the Friends for Life Podcast, hosts Tony and Paul welcome guests Michael Nuzum and Melissa Frizado. The podcast focuses on discussing the ongoing lives and challenges faced by people with developmental disabilities, aiming to spark positive change in the field while having fun.

Michael and Melissa share their experiences at the Synergy conference, highlighting their favorite parts, including discussions on mental well-being and internet safety. They emphasize the importance of positive thinking and being cautious on social media platforms to avoid hackers and other online threats.

The conversation shifts to how Michael and Melissa became friends through their involvement in Action Club and Special Olympics. Michael expresses his passion for flag football and his excitement about participating in the State competition. Melissa shares her love for bowling, revealing her impressive high score.

Both guests are actively involved in Action Club, with Michael serving as the secretary. They discuss their commitment to helping people, especially those with disabilities, and their efforts to spread awareness about the club. They also touch upon their enjoyment of the dance event at the conference, discussing their favorite music genres – Christian music for Michael and country music for Melissa.

The episode concludes with the hosts thanking Michael and Melissa for their insightful and inspiring conversation, wishing Michael good luck in his upcoming State competition. Key Topics: Experiences at the Synergy conference Importance of mental well-being and internet safety Involvement in Action Club and Special Olympics Personal interests and music preferences Advocacy for people with developmental disabilities

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