EP 168: The Magic of Synergy with Heather Campbell

In this engaging episode of the Friends for Life Podcast, hosts Tony and Paul sit down with Heather Campbell at the Synergy event. Heather, with her extensive experience in nonprofit work and her current role in marketing and communications, brings a unique perspective to the table. The episode kicks off with a discussion about the innovative “graffiti wall” at Synergy, a creative outlet for attendees to express their experiences and thoughts. Heather shares her journey in the nonprofit sector, emphasizing the importance of creating memorable experiences. She delves into the challenges and triumphs of marketing for such events, highlighting the significance of capturing the essence of Synergy beyond traditional media. The conversation also touches upon the inclusivity and accessibility of the event, with Heather praising the accommodating nature of the Kalahari staff and the venue’s suitability for diverse needs. The podcast takes a deeper dive into the behind-the-scenes aspects of organizing Synergy, including the need for sponsorships, signage, and volunteer support. Heather openly discusses the future plans for Synergy, expressing a desire for mid-year reunions and expanded outreach. The episode concludes with Heather encouraging listeners to engage with Synergy through various platforms and to consider contributing to its growth. Listeners are treated to an insightful and heartfelt conversation that not only highlights the logistics of organizing such an event but also the human stories and connections that make it worthwhile.

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