Ep 164: Lisa Reed RHDD: Advancing Lives of People with Developmental Disabilities

In this enlightening episode of the Friends for Life podcast, hosts Tony and Paul engage in a deep and insightful conversation with Lisa, a representative from RHDD. Celebrating its 47th anniversary, RHDD is an organization dedicated to providing residential care and a range of services for individuals with developmental disabilities.

Key Discussion Points:

RHDD’s Mission and Evolution: The episode kicks off with a look at RHDD’s history, starting from its inception by families seeking better residential options for their adult children with intellectual disabilities. Lisa shares the organization’s journey from opening its first group home to expanding services in response to the Medicaid waiver program.

Comprehensive Services: RHDD’s commitment to offering a wide array of services is highlighted. They assist with housing, employment, transportation, home modifications, adaptive equipment, and remote services, aiming to foster independent living in the community.

Personal Journey into the Field: Lisa shares her personal story of how she entered the field of developmental disabilities, beginning with a chance encounter at a grocery store. This heartwarming story underscores the impact of personal connections and the importance of finding one’s calling.

Advocacy and Legislative Involvement: The conversation shifts to Lisa’s role in advocacy and her involvement in legislative changes and budget cycles through her work with Opera, a board representing provider agencies in Ohio.

Challenges and Progress in the Field: The episode also touches on the challenges of working with federal government regulations and the progress made in societal perceptions and treatment of people with developmental disabilities.

Embracing Technology and Future Plans: The discussion delves into the importance of integrating technology in the field and RHDD’s plans to develop new ways to connect individuals they serve with various stakeholders using digital platforms. 

Conclusion: This episode of the Friends for Life podcast is a must-listen for anyone interested in the field of developmental disabilities. It offers a blend of personal stories, insights into organizational growth, and a look at the future of service provision in this vital sector.

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