Idd Health Matters Ep 7: Pam Merkle, Executive Director AADD

IDD Health Matters hosted by Craig Escudé, MD, FAAFP, FAADM features guests from across the globe who are leading the efforts to improve health, wellness and health equity for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

The Association on Aging with Developmental Disabilities (AADD) was initially formed in 1989 as a special interest group and became incorporated in 1994. AADD has a primary objective of bringing the aging and developmental disability fields together to create and provide best practices for people aging with developmental disabilities (autism spectrum disorder, cerebral palsy, down syndrome, learning disabilities, epilepsy, and intellectual disability—formerly known as mental retardation). It is a one of a kind organization in the United States, serving three area counties through ongoing programs and providing consultation and education beyond the geographical service area. In particular, AADD offers an Annual Conference on Aging with Developmental Disabilities. Under the leadership of Executive Director, Pamela J. Merkle, programs for people with developmental disabilities supported by AADD have been successful with progressive growth over the last 20 plus years.

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